Windows are functional yet aesthetic necessities to virtually every property. Giving a property character and charm, window frames are available in a range of styles and configurations. They are made in various materials, including aluminum, wood, fiberglass and PVC. A well-crafted window will enhance the look of your property. Properly installed double glazed windows will also improve insulation and help lower energy bills.

Qualifications and Certification

Always choose contractors that are properly trained and recognized by a competent person scheme when replacing, repairing or installing windows. Window contractors should be registered or certified with associations like the Windows and Doors Association ( Ideally, window fitters should also be a member of a trade association such as the American Window and Door Institute ( Manufacturers and suppliers of windows should be members of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association ( Membership in these organizations provides consumers with the peace of mind that contractors are properly qualified and maintain high industry standards for safety and service.

Things to Consider

When selecting a window installer or supplier, make a short-list of potential window contractors that takes into account their experience. Ask potential contractors for proof of their training and qualifications as well as proof of insurance. When requesting quotes, get estimates from at least three window specialists. Quotes should be itemized and include all labor and material related costs. A good contractor will also include clean-up and disposal related costs, or provide this service free of charge.

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