Interior Home Painting

Interior painting is an excellent way to quickly refresh a home without a significant investment. Finding the right contractor for the job is easy as long as you follow some simple steps.

Ask for Estimates

If walls need to repaired, ask if that can be included in the estimate as well.

Important Note: If the contractor will be supplying the paint, make sure they purchase a high quality brand that is up to your standards.


Double-check qualifications. Any person entering your home should have a thorough background check. The company should also supply you with proof of insurance in case any of the laborers are injured while in your home.

Check References

Always check references. Most contractors will have a list of references that they will offer if you ask, but you can easily research nearly anyone online. Look on social media or do a simple web search to learn if there are any concerns.

By filling in a single online form you will receive price quotes for painting or staining interior surfaces from up to 5 decorating companies, including those in Des Moines and Manchester.

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