Heat Pump Installation

Installing a heat pump is a serious investment. The price of the heat pump itself is only one component of the project's cost. A bad installation can cost hundreds of dollars every month that you receive a utility bill. For this reason alone, you must make sure you have the best heat pump installer.

Get Multiple Quotes

You should be able to receive quotes from several installers even in emergency situations. Talking to three or four different heat pump installers will let you know if you are getting the fairest prices or if a specific installer is trying to sell you something you may not need.

Check Reviews

It is fairly easy to find reviews for heat pump installers. Those who are happy with the work will often take their praise online. Those who are unhappy are not afraid to share their problems with the world. Read all of these knowing that some may be paid reviews (by the company as well as competitors).

Ask for Warranties

A reputable heat pump installer should be able to provide you with warranties for product and labor. These warranties offer a way to ensure repair of any defective parts or installations without worrying about an additional bill. If an installer does not have a labor or product warranty, look elsewhere.

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