Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Building or repairing asphalt shingle roofing takes specialized skill. Not every contractor can handle a job like this. Likewise, many are not licensed or insured for this kind of work. Make sure you have the right person for the job when you are looking for asphalt shingle roofing.

Getting Price Quotes for Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Ask for estimates from no less than three contractors. Professionals should be able to quickly assess your need and give you a price based on the size and pitch of your roof. Contractors should give you a selection of shingles, including strip, dimensional, and premium. If possible, get a separate price quote for each style so you can more thoroughly compare costs. However, you should not be driven by price alone.

Roofing Qualifications

Certification for asphalt shingle roofers varies from state-to-state. Check with the National Roofing Contractors Association to find what certification is needed in your state. Likewise, all roofers should have liability insurance and workers' compensation paperwork.

Checking References

References are arguably the most important factor when hiring a roofing company. There are many unscrupulous individuals who state low prices in order to get roofing jobs only to leave you with an unfinished or poorly put-together asphalt shingle roofing job. Check out the company online and ask others who have used them if any problems developed after the install or repair.

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